Overview of our Tree Surgery Services

Tree Felling

Cutting trees from the bottom using directional felling techniques & winches to ensure a controlled fall. This is only possible if there are no buildings or objects to be retained / protected within the drop zone of the tree.


Dismantling/ Sectional Removal

Dismantling becomes necessary when a tree that needs to be taken down is in the middle of buildings, other trees to be retained or sensitive ground. We use specialist equipment to cut & lower branches / sections of the tree down to the ground where they can be removed safely reducing the impact on the area beneath the tree.



Crown Reduction

This is the process of reducing the height & width of the overall spreading parts of the tree. This is achieved by cutting the leaf bearing parts of the branches back to produce a smaller more symmetrically shaped tree. Crown reduction can keep a tree from becoming too big, let more light into the areas around the tree, reduce the effect that the wind has on the tree & can reduce mechanical stress on branches.



Crown Lifting

This is where the lowest branches of a tree are removed or reduced to lift the growing branches of the tree above vehicle or building height. This process may also improve the look of the tree & let more light through the canopy. This can be achieved from the ground but climbing & dismantling branches may be required when necessary.



Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of removing branches from within the crown & usually restricted to the smaller tertiary branches, dead wood & branches that are not of benefit to the trees growth. Reasons for crown thinning include to let more light pass through the tree & to reduce the wind resistance of the tree.



Pollarding & Coppicing

The primary purpose for Coppicing & pollarding is to encourage regular new growth from trees to use as fodder, fuel & timber but it is a very nice way of controlling the growth of trees in gardens, parks etc. The branches are cut back to the same point at regular intervals & the tree will produce attractive young shoots from these pruning cuts every growing season. An example of pollarding can be seen below & coppicing is the same process but the cuts are made nearer ground level.




Pruning a tree can be required for various reasons including shaping, to encourage new growth, dead-wooding & the removal of unsightly branches. Pruning can be carried out at any height.

 24/7 Emergency Work - for example Storm Damaged Trees

Even the most stable trees can be damaged or blown over by strong winds & if the worst happens we can respond quickly to remove fallen or dangerous trees from your property.



Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is the fastest & most effective way of removing the stump of a tree after the trunk has been removed. The stump can be removed below ground level & the resulting shavings can be used for mulch or to fill the hole left by the stump.



Firewood & Mulch

We have different types of firewood available all year round. Soft & hard wood, seasoned & unseasoned, cut & split or unprocessed.Wood chip can be a great alternative to bark for weed control or mulching & we can deliver to your door.


Chipper Service

We offer a chipper service to process &/or remove branches & woody material from any location.