Overview of our Deer Management Services

Deer Management

Deer & especially Red Deer are a symbol of the wild & of Scotland but without careful management their numbers would increase to an unsustainable level. When the number of deer in an area increases beyond what the habitat can support the environment can suffer.

Deer are voracious grazers & can consume large amounts of sensitive vegetation & young trees in a short period of time. This can lead to habitat damage & in some cases the complete loss of a habitat.

Dense populations of deer can cause other conflicts with humans such as deer / vehicle collisions, crop & forestry damage & the transmission of diseases such as Bovine Tuberculosis.

Deer numbers have been managed by regular culling for hundreds of years but some research suggests their numbers are still increasing & since deer have no natural predators in Britain culling is necessary.

Culling deer does produce a very sought after product, venison. Currently wild deer culling produces over 70% of the total amount of venison produced in Scotland with the rest coming from deer farming. When culling deer we ensure the highest standards of meat hygiene & we are continually re-evaluating our methods to ensure we are following or exceeding industry best practice in meat production, humane dispatch & quality of service.

Our deer management staff at Greener Glens are all highly trained in deer stalking, deer biology, sporting habitat management, culling, butchery & identifying deer damage.

If you suspect that deer are damaging your crops, forestry, trees or designated areas of sensitive habitat then contact us & we can arrange a solution tailored to your needs.